Master of Public Administration- Executive Mode

Program Objectives

The program designed for seasoned and motivated executives and administrators. The curriculum focuses on strengthening skills in policy analysis, management and governance and prepares participants for dynamic leadership role across business and public services organizations. The program designed for those interested in earning Master in Public Administration at the same time pursuing their professional careers with minimal interruption.

Programs Duration

The Executive MPA programs extend over two semesters of 17 weeks of coursework and 24 weeks of research and thesis writing. In one semester participants attend six, one week modules of classes, and one two weeks module for examinations, with a space of five weeks between each two consecutive modules. Those who will be admitted in the programs are expected to graduate within 24 calendar months.


Master of Public Administration – Executive Mode (EMPA)
Semester I Semester II Semester III

ML 501

Administrative Law

PUB 625

Management Control and Information System



Public Administration

PUB 630

Public Sector Governance

PUB 520

Principles and Practices ofHuman Resource Management

PUB 600

Public Policy Analysis


ACC 540

Public Sector Budgeting and Planning

PUB 620

Social Science Research


PUB 610

Management of Social and Economic Services



PUB 663         Public Private Partnerships

PUB 570         Strategic Management

LAW 500        Administrative Law


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