Department of Business Studies

Academic Staff

Associate Professor

Prof. Andrew H.  Mbwambo 

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (IDM-Mzumbe)

Masters of Business Administration (IDM-Mzumbe)

PhD-Business Administration (Nairobi)


Dr. Joshua Mwakujonga

Diploma in business administration (Wuhan University of Technology-china)

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship Development (Mzumbe University) MBA-Strategy for Enterprises Development (Wuhan University of Technology, China,

PhD. Financial Management (Dongbei University China 


Dr. Omary Swalehe

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (IDM-Mzumbe)

MA-Marketing Management (Durham University- UK) MBA-Management Science (Bradford University –UK)

Ph.D. -Marketing (Bangalore India)

Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Lusekelo Kasongwa


Certified Public Accountant CPA (T) Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Mzumbe University)

MSc. Management Development of Inter Financial System (University Glamorgan Wales, Ph.DUK)

Ph.D. Studies (University of Dar es Salaam)

Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Maige Mwasimba

Certified procurement and supplies professional (CPSP) NBAA  

Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supplies (College of Business)

MSc. Procurement and Logistic Management (Mzumbe University)                                     Business Management (Acharya University India)

Assistant Lecturer

Ms. Makawa  Newa

Diploma Business Administration  (IDM- Mzumbe) Masters Business Administration (Mzumbe University )

Masters of Development Management (Agder Univ -Norway)

On PhD studies (Acharya Univ-India),

Assistant Lecturer

Ms. Marialauda Goyayi

Bachelor of Computer Science (University of Dar es Salaam)  

Masters of Business Administration (University of Dar es Salaam)

On Ph.D. Studies (KwaZulu Natal  University)

Assistant Lecturer

Mr. John Mzee Saburi

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Mzumbe University)

Masters of Business Administration (University of Dar es Salaam)  

Ph.D. in progress (Mzumbe University)

Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Seif R. Muba

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Mzumbe University)

Masters in Business Administration (Finance, Banking and Insurance (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Postgraduate in research (Hull University-UK),

Ph.D. Studies in Economics (Hull University-UK)



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