Department of Administrative Studies


Academic staff

Head of Department of Administrative Studies

Dr. Mary Rutenge


Bachelor of Public Administration (Mzumbe)

Master of Political Science (Meiji Univ.-Tokyo

PhD in Development Studies (Erasmus Univ.)

Associate Professor      

Prof. Felician B. Mutarabukwa    


Bachelor of Science Education (UDSM)

Master of Education Management (Bolton University)

PhD (Open University),

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Andrew S. Sulle 


Bachelor of Arts (UDSM)

MSc. Governance & Development (University of Birmigham, UK),

PhD. Social Sciences-(Catholic University Leuven, Belgium)

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Darlene K. Mutalemwa

B.A (Honours) Business Economics (Nottingham Trent University England)

MSc Management (London School of Economics and Political Science-LSE, UK), PhD Development studies (University of East Anglia-UK),

Senior Lecturer

Dr.  Francis Mwaijande 

Bachelor of Education( University of Dar es Salaam )

M.A Communication Planning (University of Wolver Hampton UK),

Postgraduate Diploma in English Language and Administration, University of Warwick;

PhD in Public Policy (University of ArkansasUSA),

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Kanty P. Mtey                   

Diploma in (Education Marangu Teachers College

B.A Education (University. of Dar es Salaam),

Masters in Public Policy & Administration (Jackson State University),

PhD in Public Administration (Jackson State University)


Senior Lecturer

Dr. Godbertha Kinyondo  

 Diploma of Agriculture Prod (Uyole Training Institution)

BSc. Agricultural Resource Economics (University

of Maryland –College Park University USA),MA.Economics (The American University USA)

PhD in Economics (University of Pretoria)

 Senior Lecturer

Dr. Andrew Mushi

 BA (Sociology) (University of Dar es Salaam)

MA Sociology (University of Dar es Salaam),

PhD in Political Sociology (University of Birmingham-UK).


Dr. Lucy W. Massoi


Advanced Diploma in Public Administration (IDM

– Mzumbe)

MPhil in Public Administration and Organization

Theory, (University of Bergen)

PhD in Political Science (Gent University –



Dr. Coretha Komba

Advanced Diploma in Economic Planning, Institute of Development Management, (IDM-Mzumbe)

MA in International Development (International University of Japan)

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management, (Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands)

Ph.D. in Economics, (University of Cape Town)


Dr. Julius Cosmas

 Diploma in International Investment Law (University of the

Western Cape),

Bachelor in Law (UDSM)

Master in international Mercantile Law (Stellenbosch),

 PhD in International Investment Law


Dr. Nora Msuya

Bachelor of Law (Tumaini University)

Master of Law (Univ of Dar es S Salaam),

PhD in Law (Kwazulu Natal),




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