Prof. Honest P. Ngowi
Associate Professor, PhD Economics

Honest Prosper Ngowi is Associate Professor of Economics at Mzumbe University and Principal of Mzumbe University Dar Es Salaam Campus College. He has researched, consulted, lectured and published widely (over 100 academic publications, over 80 research and consultancy reports and over 2000 newspaper and magazine articles in economics, business and related areas).

Current designation: Principal Mzumbe University Dar Es Salaam Campus College

Official emails account:

Links to publication on sites: Google Scholar || Research Gate || Linkedin

Dr. Coretha Komba
Deputy Principal


Research Interests: The economic impact of climate change adaptation and mitigation; natural resources and environmental economics; monetary and financial economics.

Dr. Coretha is a Senior Lecturer of Economics at Mzumbe University, Dar es Salaam Campus College in Tanzania. Coretha is a holder of PhD in Economics (2014), M.A in International Development (2004); Advanced Diploma in Economic Planning (2000).

Coretha has worked as a lecturer for International Economics course offered at master’s level by the University of Bradford (UK) in collaboration with Mzumbe University; and Microeconomics, Microeconomics and Project Planning and Management courses offered at master’s level by CMR University in collaboration with Mzumbe University. She has also worked as a visiting lecturer in International Economics, a Masters Course at the Institute of Financial Management in collaboration with India Institute of Foreign Trade. She is also an External examiner, University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa. She has been supervising several Masters’ dissertation in various Economics branches at Mzumbe University. Currently, she co-supervising a PhD candidate registered at the Open University of Tanzania.

At Mzumbe University, Coretha has worked as the Head of Department of Administrative Studies at Dar es Salaam Campus College; Chairperson, Tender Board Committee, Mzumbe University, Dar es Salaam Campus College; Quality Assurance Coordinator, Mzumbe University, Dar es Salaam Campus College.

Coretha has authored and published several articles, a book chapter and a book in economics and business in both local and international journals and publishers.
To see her publications visit her Google Scholar Page.Click here

Dr. Omary Swalehe    
Head of Department of Business Studies

Dr. Mary Rutenge
Head of Department of Administrative studies


Trainer in several courses including Public Administration, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Administration of Social Services.My ambitious objective is to use my knowledge to trigger changes in Africa Tanzania being a starting point. As an academician I believe in voicing and stimulation of expert debates would provide our leaders with wider alternative solutions to a multitude of existing developmental challenges. And that would be more effective if it is done using more accessible media like blogs and social networks.

Learn more about her on Social media: Linked.
Dr. Faisal Issa
Head of Department of Short Courses and Consultancy

Dr. Faisal H. Issa is a full-time Senior Lecturer in the Department of Administrative Studies at Mzumbe University, Dar-es-Salaam Campus College. His areas of academic concentrations are Public Management, Development Administration and Policy. He has a rich background as a result of several years in both the academic and the practical worlds. He holds a PhD in Development Policy (Cum laude) from the University of Bremen in Germany; a Master in Business Administration from Strathclyde Graduate Business School in Scotland; a Post graduate Diploma in Development Management (Distinction) from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland and Advanced Diploma in Public Administration (Second Class Upper) from the Institute of Development Management (IDM) now Mzumbe University. He has been teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students of relevant disciplines for over 20 years.

His experiences in management and administration begun just after his undergraduate studies and continued for most of his career years: a personnel and administrative officer in a public owned factory; Panel Chairperson of the Public Management Subject Panel at IDM; Director of Human Resource Development at Central Government Ministry, responsible for capacity building in the public service of Tanzania and also managing the Leadership Development Component of the Public Service Reform Program Phases I and II; became the Regional Administration Secretary in Kilimanjaro and later Mwanza regions - the position entailed being the head of the civil service in the administrative regions overseeing social, economical and political developments in the eight districts of each of the two regions. Currently as a member of staff in the Department of Administrative Studies, he is also responsible for short courses, consultancies and outreach coordination for the Campus College and also a member of Research and Publication Committee of Mzumbe University.

He has been involved in numerous consultancy, research and outreach activities and written widely on issues of leadership, management, and community development. He is currently working with colleagues in completing two publications on research activities undertaken on decision making in public organisations and trust at community levels.

Ms. Janeth Mumangi

Ag Head of Department of Human Resource Management

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CPA Aloyce Mosha

Head of Department of Finance

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Mr. Issakh Haroun Waitara
Head of Examination Unit

Contact Information:

Phone : 0754 / 0784 – 746482
Address : P.O.BOX 20266
Email : ||


  • Having exceptional skills of analysis and setting up relationships, particularly helpful in supporting customers and associates to find out solutions to problems and wonders.
  • Strong commitment to promoting wellness.
  • Dedicated professional attitude: mature and willing to work.
  • Easy to work with; a cooperative and supportive colleague.
  • Believe strongly that everyone has potential to reach an optimal fitness level.


  • Master of Public Administration: University of Dodoma, November 2015.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education: History and Political Science, University of Dar es salaam, September 2009.


  • PHR-Proficiency Examinations: TPSC JUNE 2015
  • Professional Conduct: Ethics and Protocol, UDOM 2014.
Ms. Happiness Chilewa

Head of Public Relations Unit

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Mr. Edward Shana

Head of Admission Unit

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Dr. Gerald Mero

Head of Health Unit

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Mr. Fabian Mnyenyelwa

Head of ICT Unit

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Mr. Godfrey Samwel

Head of Procurement Unit

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Dr. Kardo Mwilongo
Head Library Section

Mobile: +255754007330 || +255658007330

Dr. Kardo Mwilongo is a librarian at Mzumbe University – Dar es Salaam Campus College. He holds PhD and Master’s Degrees in Information Studies. His areas of interest for research, teaching and consultancy are mainly on library information management, library collection development, information and Web technologies, information literacy and research methods. He has authored multiple articles published in various academic journals.


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