Master of Leadership and Management

Program Objectives

The MSc in Leadership and Management program is designed to prepare participants to serve as professional leaders and managers both in private and public setting. The programme equips participants with knowledge, skills and competences required for being effective leaders and managers both in public and private settings. In addition, it builds their capacity in exploring their own leadership styles and use them to motivate others and build highly effective, diverse work teams within their respective organizations. Through the MSc. in Leadership and Management program, participants will be in a position to learn and develop comprehensive approaches to leadership and management that cut across functional areas and increase their capacity to influence people in an organization for effective realization of common goals.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply appropriate leadership skills and analytic approaches to respond to the socio economic context and public needs at all levels of the organizational system.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental leadership and management concepts, principles, policies, and technical approaches to address organizational concerns and improve the status and functioning of the organizational systems.
  3. Develop understanding of the organization’s strategic focus and environment (both internal and external) and the impact of the inter-relationship between resources, customers, clients in a changing organizational context.
  4. Develop critical reflection skills and engagement with organization both in public and private settings

v.   Conduct a research and effectively communicate research findings to key stakeholders.

Programme structure and duration

The programme is an 18-months course that requires students to complete three (3) semesters including dissertation


Master of Leadership and Management (MLM)
Semester I Semester II Semester III

PUB 532

Leadership Theory and Practice

BUS 5062

Service Marketing


PUB 543

Organization Theory

PUB 621


ACC 5111

Finance for Managers

LOG 5611

Procurement Theory and Systems


PUB 620

Social Science Research Methods


PUB 5012

Organization Behaviour and Human Resource Management

PUB 539

Governance and Ethics



            PUB 663         Public Private Partnerships

            PUB 570         Strategic Management

            PUB 500         Administrative Law


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