Master of Science in Accounting and Finance

Program Objectives and Description

The program is designed to provide competencies to future accountants and finance specialists to serve business at the local and international levels. It is a professionally tailored program to meet the demand for well trained and skilled accountants and finance managers who can contribute to planning, executing and applying contemporary research to accounting and finance practice; preparing accounts and corporate annual financial reports in line with relevant laws and standards. The programme aims to meet the needs of students who have completed courses in accounting and finance and who wish to extend their knowledge to more advanced aspects of accounting and finance.

The programme consists of ten taught modules, in which nine modules are compulsory and one elective. The main seven modules cover the areas of accounting and finance. A module in strategic business management intends to prepare students to become fully acquainted with strategic issues in business management in the dynamic global environment. A module in business research methods intends not only to support students in writing their dissertations but also to build their ability to become analytical decision makers.

The programme is run on a semester basis, whereby five main modules are covered in semester one, and the remaining four modules are studied during semester two. During semester two, students are required to choose an elective subject from optional modules available. Students will be required to write their dissertations in semester three of the programme. The programme duration is eighteen months.

It is expected that, at the end of the program, students should be able to design accounting and management information systems; prepare various accounts, and corporate annual financial reports in line with various laws and standards; perform auditing activities and provide assurance services to various clients; apply various theories in making various investment and corporate policy decisions; demonstrate an understanding of the operations of international financial institutions and their implications to global economy by applying best practices of international finance theories in facilitating international trade, evaluating overseas investments, managing foreign currency exposures and other risks, and money transfers etc; analyse accounting and financial information and undertake important strategic decisions; plan, execute and relate cutting-edge research to recent and prospective developments in accounting and finance related disciplines.

Master of Science in Accounting and Finance
Semester I Semester II Semester III

ACC 5211

Management Accounting

ACC 5032

International Finance



ACC 5011

Financial Reporting

ACC 5242

Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC 5111

Finance for Managers

ACC 5231

Financial Markets & Instruments

ACC 5221

Auditing and Assurance Services


Business Research Methods

ACC 5021

Corporate Finance



ACC 5034: Risk Management

ACC 5252: Management Control System

ACC 5042: Practical Analysis of Financial Data


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