Master of Science Procurement and Supply Chain Management (MSc. PSCM)

Program Objectives

The program is designed to provide competencies to future professionals in Procurement and Supply Chain Management to serve business at the local and international level. It is a professionally tailored program to meet the demand for well trained and skilled Procurement and Supply Chain Managers who can contribute to describing and applying relevant procurement and supply chain management techniques to support organizational decisions; and to develop and organize procurement strategies, policies, and procedural manuals related to procurement and supply chain management.

At the end of this programme students are expected to acquire theoretical and practical marketing skills. Academically and analytically they will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a critical academic level of thinking
  • Show an academic understanding and an analysis of marketing theories, models and techniques
    • Select, apply and adapt generic marketing theories, models and techniques appropriately for the Tanzanian context and other NEMs
  • Demonstrate analytical, planning, implementation and control competences in the marketing related functions.

Practically students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in identifying major national, regional and global developments relevant to businesses
  • Demonstrate the knowledge required for identifying marketing opportunities in a competitive business environment
  • Demonstrate effective communication and negotiation skills

This programme is intended for those who aspire to become marketing specialists in local and international markets. Participants will acquire theoretical knowledge and also the skills that are required in a practical and experiential learning environment. The unique features of this programme includes: international competitiveness, specialised subjects and knowledge of local marketing practices. Lectures, seminars, case studies, report presentations and guest speakers will form part of the delivery process. Students will acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge of the marketing discipline and the analytical capabilities required for applying this generic knowledge to the Tanzanian context or other Newly Emerging Markets (NEMs).

Master of Science Procurement and Supply Chain Management (MSc. PSCM
Semester I Semester II Semester III

BUS 5021

Strategic Business Management

LOG 5012

Strategic Procurement & Supply Chain Mgt.


LOG 5631

Procurement and Contracts Management

LOG 5642

Inventory and Stores Mgt Systems

LOG 5611

Procurement Theory & Systems

LOG 5652

e-Procurement & e-Supply Chain Management

LOG 5621

National & International Logistics

BUS 5032

Business Research Methods

POM 5011

Operations Management


ELECTIVE (one subject)



BUS 5062: Services Marketing

PUB 5012: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management


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