• Head of Departiment :   Prof. Shiv K.Tripathi


    Mzumbe-Bradford Collaborative Programmes:

    MSc. - Development Policy and Practice for Civil Society
    MSc. - Economics and Finance for Development

    Non-collaborative Programmes:

    MSc. - Accounting & Finance 
    MSc. - Marketing Management 
    MSc. - Procurement and Supply Chain Management 
    EMBA - Business Administration Executive Mode 
    MSc. - Applied Economic and Business


  • Head of Departiment:  :  Dr. Coretha Komba.


    MPA   - Public Administration
    MSc.  - Human Resource Management
    MLM   - Leadership and Management
    EMPA - Public Administration- Executive Mode

  •  Head of Departiment :   Prof. Honest P.Ngowi

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